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Effective waste management isn't just a responsibility. It's a good business. And it can save companies money while at the same time assuring the environmental protection so vital to all of us.

petroleum disposal services

At World Petroleum Corporation, we've engineered our entire company to offer our clients maximum value and performance in environmental services. World Petroleum Company is licensed, insured and bonded to pump off all liquid waste, solid waste, etc., from cruise ships, container ships, cargo ships, tugboats, etc. Acting as good stewards of the environment, we also respect our clients' budgets and their need to reduce operating costs.

At the same time, we recognize that there is no substitute for responsive, professional performance. And we take pride in living up to the highest standards of service to our clients. World Petroleum is your natural selection for petroleum recovery, used-oil services and environmental services.

Comprehensive, Effective, Cost Efficient.

World Petroleum is made up of a staff of seasoned experts, experienced in all facets of waste removal and handling. We meet all our clients' needs in full compliance with all environmental regulations. We'll be happy to customize a waste-stream management plan for your business. It will be convenient, environmentally sound, secure—and extremely cost-efficient. We specialize in offering clients both savings and peace of mind.

Thorough Documentation.

World Petroleum provides absolute assurance that national, state and local regulatory-agency requirements are met under Federal Register 40CFR79 Used Oil Management Standards.

Of course, we are fully permitted and registered with state and county agencies. We are also fully insured and bonded for our clients' peace of mind.

World Petroleum is proud of our record of zero violations or citations from federal, state or county agencies.

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